FFL Transfers

All Transfers are by appointment only.

Please do not send any items to us without contacting us in advance. If delivery is attempted for an item that we have not been notified is inbound to us, we may refuse delivery or add additional fees on top of your transfer fees.

Standard Transfer fees

  • Washington State SAR (Semi-automatic Assault Rifle) – $63 (Including WA State $18 SAR Fee)
  • Shotguns, frames, receivers, non-SAR Long Guns – $45
  • Handguns – $50

For SAR & Handgun, the fees are per item transferred.

For Shotguns, frames, receivers, and non-SAR long guns it is possible to do multiple items with lower cost per each additional items. The first non-SAR and non-handgun item is $45 and each additional non-SAR, non-handgun item is $15 (up to a limit of 4 items). Doing 4 non-SAR and non-handgun items in one transaction would have fees of $90.

Sales/Use Tax

Washington State law requires that for all firearms transfers from a licensed out of state deal, the licensed delaer processing the transfer must collect the appropriate use tax. For full details, please see this Washington Department Of Revenue site.

Please bring a copy of your receipt to leave with us showing that you paid 10.1% tax on the purchase amount. Any receipts showing less than 10.1% tax paid will require us to collect the difference. Any receipts showing no tax paid, or the absence of any receipt, requires us to collect the full 10.1% tax.

Response Times

We usually respond within an hour or two, but on busy days it may take us 1 business day to respond to your transfer request.

Please provide your phone number with area code
Please provide the name of the store or FFL that will be shipping the item. If this is for a private party transfer please enter "Private Party"
Please provide description of the firearm(s) you would like to transfer through us.